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;P Whata surprise. This is rather upsetting, I'm the first person to post in here for a while. Ah, well. Hopefully someone else'll come in here someday... soon.

I really enjoyed Rainbow Boys, Rainbow High and Rainbow Road, though I liked RH the best, with RB coming in at a close second. RR... there was to much drama for my smallish brain to handle, but I still have muco love for it. Hopefully Alex Sanchez does write a 4th, I'd like to see what happens next...

Nelson tended to get on my nerves a lot with all his whining- then again, they all did quite a bit of whining, didn't they? Dx Though I am glad Nelson decided to stay with Manny in the end. Kyle was the only character that I didn't get annoyed by at one time or another. But all of my friends favored Nelson...?

Well, that's all I have to say for now... wow, wouldn't it be great if someone were to start a convo in here? ;P [That `twas rather long- oh wells. ;33]
So does everyone know that in Thailand there's a revised version of Rainbow Boys: the movie in its Top 5 box office hits right now? Is anyone able to rip the movie off?
You can easily find the offical site and the trailer's in english subtitles, so it gets me excited.
hey im new here!
>.o; ALLO

Hi I'm new here! But I was wondering, did any (if not all) of the Rainbow (or Rainbow Boys) series changed your life and/or helped/affected it in some way o.o?

To me, finding these book and reading them have opened a door into the grounds which I thought never existed. It definetly helped on my coming out (parents still an issue....grr) and standing out for myself (and of course enhanced my sense of sarcasm xP).

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So! Who's finished Rainbow Road? *waves hand in the air*
Hey can anyone tell me the real names of the boys on the front cover of Rainbow Boys ?
I'd really like to know thier first and last names for a bit of re-search ?
If you could help that would be really appreciated!
If you are in San Francisco, come out and show your love for ALEX SANCHEZ and JAMES HOWE ... TONIGHT ... at Not Your Mother's Bookclub!

(click link for more info!)

Hmm, it appears that this community has been very desolate for quite a while..But nevertheless, I'll post my intro. :)

Well, I went to Borders yesterday and I was looking for a book that had come out in June, which the store said they had in stalk. Unfortunately after over a half an hour of looking, I defeatedly plopped down on the floor in the middle of the isle and started to sulk. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw a red binding poking out of a long row of very plane looking bindings, on the very last/bottom row of the shelf. I grabbed the book and read the title, Rainbow Boys. That, in and of itself was interesting, instantly making me think of the two boys nearest and dearest to my heart, which both happen to be gay. I flipped open the book and began reading it. I got a few pages into chapter 9, when the store closed and I had to put it back. But luckily I had to work today, so I came straight to Borders after work and bought the book, which was so hard to stop reading. I absolutely love it! And as soon as I can, I'm going to be picking up Rainbow High! Anyway, I just have to say that the author is so very talented. I was laughing, cursing, and feeling devastated all within minutes of each other! I can't get enough of the Jason/Kyle and I literally was cheering out loud when they finally kissed, announcing that it was, "About frickin' time!" I really hope that things end up nicely for them in the end, as well as Nelson, whom I feel close too on a more personal level (i.e. having feelings for someone who doesn't have them back). And I'd really like to see more of Melissa. I love the scenes with Jason, Kyle, and her!



As much as I want Nelson to be happy, does anyone else think he's not mature enough to be in a serious relationship?
Hey everybody! I just made the emo_lesbians community! Bisexual and curious girls are definitely welcome as well! This community is about anything! Post whatever you want! It could be for advice or talking about bands and concerts or picture posting. There's no application or any shit like that, so come come come! This is my very first community that I've made and I just want at least a few people to join! :-)